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Chris Anama-Green

The Cureus Journal of Medical Science (“Cureus,” for short) began with a goal of streamlining and fast-tracking the otherwise laborious and tediously slow process of academic (medical) publishing. The journal is Open Access — and — is one of the few Open Access (OA) journals that doesn’t charge exorbitant Article Processing Charges (APCs).

“Free” Publishing

I first learned of Cureus about a year ago. I was intrigued at the possibility of “FREE” OA publishing given that many OA journals charge crazy-expensive APCs to authors as a condition of publication. …

Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann (Truth Unity)

I was sitting in a dimly-lit restaurant on a cold and rainy January day (several years ago, pre-pandemic) when I discovered Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann. The restaurant was lined with bookshelves overflowing with old books, many of which looked like they hadn’t been touched in years.

Without thinking much about what I was doing, I reached over to the shelf closest to me and pulled out a book at random. That book was Focus on Living by Winifred Wilkinson. Of all the old dusty books that I could have chosen, the fact that I picked this one was either divine providence…

Metaphysical Thought on (previously published in print as the Journal of Metaphysical Thought) now accepts articles aligned with the following scope.


Metaphysical Thought covers a range of disciplines, including metaphysics, consciousness studies, New Thought principles, contemporary spirituality, and metaphysical theology.

Submission Instructions

  1. Sign up for an account with Joining Medium is free. Upgrading to a paid account is not necessary to publish in Metaphysical Thought.
  2. Leave a private note on THIS article with your Medium username. You will be added to the publication with “writer” status, which gives you the right to submit articles for possible publication.
  3. Write your article…

Chris Anama-Green

I am a researcher, teacher, and author living/working in the Central Appalachian Mountains.

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